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T.C. Electronic BLD

T.C. Electronic BLD
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T.C. Electronic BLD

Booster+ Line Driver & Distortion

"Vintage original 1980 pedal.
This is the most highly sought after booster pedal out there. Because it's the best EVER made. The boost is perfect, crystal clear, raising the volume without altering your tone or sound in any way. Absolutely transparent. Any volume drops in your signal chain, stick this in and problem solved. Also has distortion mode (used by The Pixies) and on the side is an extra xlr out jack (beside the normal tele input and output jacks on the top) to line drive an instrument to a mixer. The tc BLD has a great EQ for further tweaking and built-in noise suppressor, making the boost clean and quiet. It's gold."

Can work with any quality power supply delivering between 8 - 18 V DC and capable of minimum 12mW. The external power jack must be positive on the tip.

Nowadays almost any type of PSU is capable of delivering more than enough power to supply a BLD or any TC pedal.

The power consumption of this pedal is not more than 1,5mA (@ 8Vdc / 0,6mA @ 18Vdc) and therefore any PSU will fit this pedal. The only thing to consider is the voltage and the polarization of the plug.

Can also work with 9 volt battery.

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S/N 914869 Made in Denmark (80's)
Functionality: 100%
Original box: NO
Original manual: NO
AC adaptor: NO

Artists/Bands: PixiesSugar, David Gilmour

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