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275 EUR
Roland AF-100 
BeeBaa Fuzz / Treble Booster
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"In April 1972, Ikutaro Kakehashi founded the Roland Corporation in a rented shed, with funds of $100,000 and seven employees taken along from his previous endeavour, Ace Electronic. The first Roland product was the TR77 rhythm box, but the same year also saw the first Roland effects units, including the AF100 Bee Baa Fuzz. In the history of Roland, it might not be much more than a footnote, but it is an interesting beast nonetheless. Nowhere near as confusing as fellow Japanese multi-effects units (most notably by Shin-ei who released a combined fuzz and wah pedal that also included a siren), the Bee Baa combined two different fuzz tones and a treble boost, all foot switchable. All controls are at the back, so that settings are safe when hitting the switches. The fuzz variations sound brilliant, ranging from discordant walls of sound to wiry Spaghetti Western sonics, while the treble boost is one of the most colourful boost circuits around. Roland would go on to find great success with effects sold under the Boss brand name, but the AF-100 never really took off – which might be due to the fact that for all the great sound packed into the box, Roland failed to include any visual indicators for what sound is currently selected, and what might happen when you hit one of the switches."
Taken from Red Bull Music Academy

The BeeBaa is a rare and unique sounding fuzz/treble booster pedal and it was produced in Japan during the early 70's. Working perfectly, no issues, the only non-original part is the first of the three switches (tone select), that has been replaced.

Functionality: 100% 
Original box: NO
Original manual: NO
AC adaptor: NO

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