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MOOLLON Fuzz 14 (Pre-owned by Tim Pierce)

MOOLLON Fuzz 14 (Pre-owned by Tim Pierce)
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MOOLLON Fuzz 14 (Pre-owned by Tim Pierce)

Molloon Fuzz Fourteen - Pre-owned by Tim Pierce
The original Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face sound - the origin of all distortion pedals and the legend through decades to the present - born again in a new body. Named after the atomic number of silicon, Fuzz Fourteen realizes the cool and open sound of the late 60's silicon transistorized fuzz pedals.
The original BC108C transistors, capacitors with the same spec, carbon composition resistors, and the original spec wires are all hand selected and matched to complete the top fuzz sound and minimize variations. True-bypass with LED in a compact size case brings ease of use and esthetic look.

(taken from Moollon website)

Made In Korea

Functionality: 100%
Original box: NO
Original manual: NO
AC adaptor: NO

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