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MARSHALL Blues Breaker

MARSHALL Blues Breaker
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MARSHALL Blues Breaker


Blues Breaker (original)

"The Blues Breaker sound is a characteristically warm, fat and transparent overdrive which emulates a valve amp on the verge of breakup. It does BB King tone in spades and more recently has found its way onto the board of John Mayer. Plug in a Strat and you'll instantly ooze that much sought after Mayer tone, it really is that close straight from the box. Stack it with a tubescreamer pedal if you want to go all the way."

"The idea with the Blues Breaker pedal was to simulate the valve-type personality of the vintage 2x12 Marshall combo amp used by Eric Clapton in John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers band. The amp in question came way before the introduction of controllable gain stages, or even prescribed distortion per se. It was based on a (Fender) design built to produce a clean sound, only running into mild overdrive at high volume due to the inefficiencies of the technology of the day. But when driven hard, the combo imparted a soft and harmonically attractive breakup on the tone, and added subtle delights to the feel of playing the guitar. When you played softly, the guitar remained clean, if warm-toned. But when you dug into the strings the guitar barked with an overdriven grunt. This added to the guitar’s dynamic qualities, and in the early stages of the 1990s blues revival, was one of the most desirable ingredients for the trend-driven electric guitarist."

"By far the most stunning trick this pedal has up its sleeve is the most subtle one. Namely, simulating the warm, grainy quality a valve amp takes on just before it goes into overdrive. If you set the Blues Breaker’s Gain control immediately below the point where overdrive becomes obvious (which will depend on the type of guitar), what it does to the sound is phenomenal. As I say, it’s very, very subtle, but for me, it’s the difference between wanting to play for five minutes, and wanting to play for an hour."

Collectors Grade! This pedal is like new, was never used.

S/N ---------- (Made In England)
Functionality: 100%
Original box: YES
Original manual: YES
AC adaptor: NO

Artists/Bands: John Mayer


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