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435 EUR
Ibanez OD-850

Ibanez "first series" pedal manufactured by Maxon (Nisshin Onpa factory).

"This is the original narrow box overdrive from Ibanez. From the first series of effects the v1 'Ibanez OD-850' was produced in the mid 70's. Distinctive from later versions by the script logo and stripped down black labelling. The funny part is that this isn't really an overdrive at all. It falls much more closely in the vein of the 'big muff,' which is a fuzz. There are some slight changes to this design that make it unique among the rest. It has a modified tone stack and a more modern, smaller box. It comes from a somewhat strange and confusing history but is none-the-less a great fuzz in disguise."
"It is a familiar sound that just seems to have more sweetness, and usability."
(from Retro-Tone-Junkies)
4 X C828 transistors

Made In Japan
The OD-850 was produced from 1974 to 1976

Functionality: 100%
Original box: NO
Original manual: NO
AC adaptor: -

VIDEO (staticinfinity)
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