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GIBSON Nighthawk

GIBSON Nighthawk
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GIBSON Nighthawk


Nighthawk Special
In 1993 Gibson build a guitar with a wide range of sounds by placing a coil tap switch which doubles as a tone control knob. When this switch was pulled up or down the humbuckers were converted to single coil, thus making the guitar extremly versatile. These Gibson guitars were called the gibson nighthawk.
Perhaps not the most popular guitar Gibson ever made, but many guitar players until today like these guitars because they are light-weight (unlike their Les Paul cousins), less expensive and versatile.
You can mimic the sound of a Fender strat by switching to single coil or Les Pauls by switching to humbucker pick ups and at the same time the guitar has its own unique distinguished sound."

"The Gibson Nighthawk was a short-lived electric guitar model line, manufactured by Gibson. The Nighthawk represented a radical change from traditional Gibson designs featuring many elements more commonly associated with Fender guitars. The Nighthawk superficially resembled the Les Paul, Gibson's "trademark" guitar. It had a maple top, and mahogany body.

Despite the success of other Gibson guitars, the Nighthawk was never a great commercial success; production of all models was discontinued in 1998. In July 2009 Gibson reintroduced the Nighthawk 2009."

"The Nighthawk Special was a low cost version of the guitar, cutting out some of the purely cosmetic features of the other models in order to reduce cost. The Special had the same components as the Standard and Custom, but only the body was bound, and it had dot inlays and no holly crest headstock adornment. The color choices were ebony, heritage cherry, and vintage sunburst. The price of a Nighthawk Special was about two hundred dollars less than that of a Nighthawk Standard."

 "With its set neck and maple-on-mahogany body, the Gibson Nighthawk was still very much structurally and aesthetically a Gibson. But certain key aspects of the Nighthawk design took it into Fender territory. 

-The slanted bridge humbucker had less gain than the regular Gibson humbucker and had a bright, sharp tone, closer to that associated with Telecasters and Stratocasters. 

-The mini-humbucker neck pickup had a mellower and warmer tone than the bright bridge pickup, closer to the sound of the neck pickup in a Stratocaster than the regular Gibson humbucker. 

-The middle pickup, which was only available on some Nighthawk models, is a single-coil design almost identical to the middle pickup of the Stratocaster and so sounds quite similar. 

-The scale length of the guitar (the length of the string between the nut and the bridge) was the standard length used by Fender, 25½", rather than the normal Gibson length of 24¾". This important difference, increasing the tension for a given gauge of strings, made the guitar feel more like a Fender from a playing perspective and added to the tonal similarities. 

-The smaller-than-normal Gibson body was closer in mass to a Fender guitar than a typical Gibson Les Paul and the string-through-body bridge is similar to the system used on Telecasters."

Year: 1996
S/N: 93276357 (USA)

Condition: 100% original and functional

Color: Sunburst

Original box: NO
Original documents: NO
Gig Bag: YES (Gibson, original)
Case: NO

Comes with new Elixir Nanoweb strings.


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