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FENDER Telecaster Plus (Deluxe)

FENDER Telecaster Plus (Deluxe)
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FENDER Telecaster Plus (Deluxe)


Telecaster Plus Deluxe (Version One)

Pluses Teles are one of the rarest of the production USA guitars from the 1990's. Even more rare because it's the Deluxe* variation, made only during 1989/90. It sat at the top of the USA production and has many improvements over a standard Telecaster. 

Factory original condition, including all the hardware, nut, frets, pickups, electrics, knobs, tremolo bar, selectors.  Frets don't show any pitting and neither any visible wear. No finish cracks, dents or dings in the body.
Includes a moderately used hardshell case made for Fender by TKL in Canada. Black tolex with traditional white piping. This was the standard case that came with standard USA made Fender Guitars for an entire 25 year era.

Telecaster Pluses from 1989 to 1995 (Version One) had a short style bridge (somewhat similar to that of the Stratocaster), with the bridge pickup having a small metal pickup ring which was not part of the bridge mechanism. The control plate also differed from the standard Telecaster; due to an extra mini switch between the tone and volume knobs. The three position toggle acts as a coil tap for the bridge - toward the neck for the for the pickup closest to the neck, toward the bridge for the pickup closest to the bridge and in the middle for both. This wiring scheme was available on the American Deluxe Tele for about two years.

*In the 1989-90 run, another model of the Telecaster Plus was put into production, called the Fender Telecaster Plus Deluxe, which was identical to the regular Telecaster Plus, except from the addition of a whammy bar, Schaller locking machine heads and a Wilkinson roller nut.

The Telecaster Plus Deluxe has 3 Fender Lace Sensor pickups, a humbucking red "dually" at the bridge position and a blue single-coil at the neck.

Guitar Specs:
Body type: Solid
Scale: 25.5”
Frets: 22
Body: Premium Ash
Neck/Fretboard: All Maple
Bridge: American Standard two-point floating bridge
Pickups: Dually Red-Red Lace Sensor (bridge) + Blue Lace Sensor (neck)
Features: Volume, Tone, 3-Way Selector, 3-Way split coil
Finishings: Tranlucent Crimson Red Burst (Glitter in the outer burst), Pearloid pickguard.

Year: 1989
S/N: E 907118 (USA)

Artists/bands: Radiohead, Supergrass

"Jonny uses a Deluxe 85 solid-state amp for both stage and studio--with everything turned up to "10", of course. "He won't touch anything with tubes in it!" chortles Colin. In combination Red Lace Sensors on Jonny's Tele Plus it emits a distortion that's a couple of notches beyond nuclear."
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