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EHX Small Stone V1

EHX Small Stone V1
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EHX Small Stone V1


Electro Harmonix
Small Stone V1 - EH1048, Phase Shifter

"The origin of the Small Stone dates back to 1974, when Electro Harmonix president Mike Matthews hired former EMS engineer David Cockerell, whos first design for EH was the Small Stone phaser. The design was based on Davids previous work on the EMS Synthi Hi-Fli from 1971 - it is a rather unique design in that it uses Operational Transconductance Amplifiers (OTA) instead of operational amplifiers with variable resistors. It is a 4 stage phase shifter with one additional stage for feedback, which can be activated using the "Color" switch. The strongest rival of the Small Stone, the MXR Phase 90, uses FETs (Field Effect Transistor), which suffer from the fact that the FETs have to be matched in production. This made the Phase 90 more expensive and gave the Small Stone an edge in the market share. Soundwise the OTA based phaser will give it's unique flavour with rather strong third harmonic distortion, whereas the FET based phaser has a pronounced second harmonic distortion - the matter of which one is better is simply a matter of taste.
The first version of the Small Stone was made somewhere between 1974-1978 and it used OTAs labelled EH1048. (These were house labeled versions of the CA3094AE OTA). Already from its first appearance the Small Stone nailed that unique swirl and depth. " 

*info taken from Pedalarea

Condition: This pedal is in great shape for its age. It is 100% original and it shows very light rusty points that are easy to remove, if someone doesn't like the 70's patina. Despite the not so good shape of the battery clip, it still works as it should. However, gentle pull off is recommended if you want to keep it operational. It comes with the original box, in tatty condition.

Made In USA

Functionality: 100% 
Original box: YES
Original manual: NO
AC adaptor: NO

Artists/Bands: RadioheadThe Cure

VIDEO (by Pepe)

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