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395 EUR
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395 EUR
SG-1 Slow Gear

The SG-1 filters out the attack of your note, and swells the volume automatically. There are only 2 controls, one for the attack speed, and the other for sensitivity. The attack knob controls the speed of the volume swells. A compressor or overdrive in front of it may be helpful to minimize the variations in your signal level for the SG-1's response. Used with a delay it sounds sort of like a more articulated E-bow or a passage played backwards.

The SG-1 circuit is very similar to the NF-1. The pedal was in fact made using the exact same circuit as the NF-1 but the way it works is completely opposite. With the NF-1, the sound decays away but is cut when it falls below a threshold. With the SG-1, the attack is filtered out and then the sound increases gradually. The Slow Gear is a rather unique effect and the SG-1 has become one of the hardest Boss pedals to get hold of. Expect to pay top money if you find one.

The SG-1 was sold from May 1979 to February 1982.

Taken from BossArea
Other reviews:

Some wear marks, replaced battery clip and sounding amazing.

Functionality: 100%
Original box: NO
Original manual: NO
AC adaptor:  NO

Artists/Bands: Red Hot Chili Peppers (Josh Klinghoffer), Robbie Robertson

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