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165 EUR
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165 EUR
Boss MA-1 Mascot Amplifier

The MA-1 is a pocket sized solid state amp. It's got 0.5W output. There are line in and guitar in jacks with separate volume controls for each input. This way you can use the MA-1 to play along with a tape or CD player. The amp is powered by a 9V battery and has a belt clip on the back.

Taken from Bossarea

"The Mascot is meant be used as a portable practice amp you could take anywhere. It was one of the earliest mini-amplifiers on the market, and it works great in that role, though it’s not very loud. It would be great for the bedroom at night."

"But what’s really interesting is that the Mascot is best when used as a preamp or line booster. With a Stratocaster and a Fender Vibro-Champ, one can create the sounds of a big rig. Using the guitar line and headphone out into the amplifier, you can achieve some really thick overdriven tones. Also interesting is that there seems to be a set amount of gain on the guitar line in, and the more you turn the volume up on the Mascot, the more sustain you get. On a guitar with humbuckers, even more so."

Taken from Vintage Guitar Magazine

Made In Japan (from 1980 to 1983)

Functionality: 100%
Original box: NO
Original manual: NO
AC adaptor:  NO

This pedal is missing the battery cover
Please ask for price/availability