Stratgear Collection


We love music and we are permanently curious about how these small analog boxes can influence sound and [therefore] life.

Stratgear is a brand for a private sound/music paraphernalia collection, available for possible trades/sales. We are located in a truly "vintage" town (Porto, Portugal), therefore we tend to like all kinds of vintage stuff, including Port, of course.

Recycling tone since 2012: Most of our items are pretty rare and some may even be considered as endangered tone species!

Shipping: Stompboxes are usually resistant and small, that's why we can safely send it to almost any place in this planet, at reasonable shipping costs. Other sorts of gear, like guitars or keyboards, may only be shipped to some European countries.

Prices: The prices indicated are based on an "under construction" value database. We consider sales history, availability, demand and general condition, for estimating value. Some items are marked with "Collector's Grade", this means they are in very good condition, almost as new, without any wear/scratches and including the original box and instructions manual.

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